3 Essential Exercises You Should Do When You’re at the Gym

Have you ever walked into the gym and be overwhelmed by lots of stuffs and things you can do?

So, how will you choose? Will you go for “do as much as you can” like what others are doing or just choose a few ones so you could go with it routinely? Working out requires commitment and willingness to train for an hour or more for almost every day, so make sure you are prepared for the routine that you will choose.

Whether you’re looking for the ingredients for a perfect total-body workout, or you’d just like to cherry-pick a move or two to insert into your current routine, this list of essential exercises has you covered.

Training doesn’t have to be complicated, so here’s a short list of essential exercises that you should do to snap you out of being overwhelmed.

  1. Barbell Bench Press

Muscles at work: chest, front delts and triceps

Before you start, ask someone to show you how to do this correctly, by doing this correctly will help you maximize the effect it does to your body.  Aside from your chest, you will also the effect in your upper back, legs and even to your glutes.

barbell bench press

“It requires movement at the glenohumeral and ulnar-humeral joints, which means more muscles have to be involved,” says Michael Urti, CSCS, from Retro Fitness in New York City. “Plus, the barbell must be stabilized to execute the movement properly, which activates even more musculature. Your whole body, from head to toe, is working together to move that weight.”

  1. Barbell Squat

Muscles at work: Quads, glutes and hamstrings

“Because there’s so much neuromuscular activation when performing this exercise, your body’s hormonal response is heightened, which is ideal for strength gains and fat loss,” says Urti.

 barbell bench press

  1. Dumbbell Curl

Muscles at work: Biceps

It’s a classic gym image we’ve all seen: Arnold (or someone like him) struggling to curl a huge loaded barbell. Sure, it looks cool, but for most of us, a far better choice is right over in the dumbbell section.

3.	Dumbbell Curl

“Using a barbell allows you to lift heavier weight, but it can also lead to muscle imbalances if the stronger side takes over,” says Parker Hyde, MS, CSCS, a doctoral candidate at The Ohio State University. “Using dumbbells can help (or prevent) strength and muscle imbalances and give you enough stimulus for muscle growth.”


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