4 Easy Post Workout Nutrition tips

Nutrition is as important as any workout or fitness routine. While others pay much attention to the nutrition they take before they start workout, the nutrients you will take after weighs as much importance as what you take before.  They will help your body recuperate and replenish energy after rigorous activities. Post workout nutrition, if done right, will help you reach your health and fitness goals in no time.

Here are some post workout nutrition tips to help you

  1. Eat within 30 Minutes after workout

The National Athletic Trainers’ Association recommends eating within 30 minutes after your workout session is complete. Your body, which is like a sponge squeezed out of nutrients, will again soak up all the nutrition you will take. That way, you will effectively replenish what is lost during the activity.

post workout nutrition


  1. Focus on carbs

Replenish energy stores you used during heart rate increasing workout by eating carbs afterwards. The type of carb you’ll eat depends individually. Some people find satisfaction from simple carbs from fresh fruits and dairy products while others have it from complex carbs such as grains and potatoes.

focus on carbs

  1. Protein is for muscles

Protein also helps replenish your energy stores. In addition, it helps speed up your recovery of your muscles after undergoing rigorous activities.

Some protein sources that you should consider include nuts, seeds, eggs and lean meat. Protein shake is also an option.

high protein post workout nutritiion


  1. Increase oral fluid intake

I think this is common sense even to those who don’t workout.

You will not only want to replenish your food stores but also the fluids you lost.  Mayo Clinic recommends drinking 2-3 cups of water every pound you lost during the workout session that means you have to weigh yourself before and after the session to know how much you need.

drink water post workout

It is important to listen to your body and know what it needs because there’s no fixed structure of how will you maintain your nutrition and workout in harmony.