4 Ways to Start Exercising for Plus Size People.

Usual concern of plus size people is the injury they might have once they exercise. They need to exercise to lose weight but due to heaviness they might suffer injury.

According to Baltimore orthopedist, Stuart Miller, MD, joint and foot pain are the most common problems of people with over weight problems.

So what do they have to do to exercise?

  1. Go slow

Miller says to start with just 10 minutes a day. As they get used to the activity, they can gradually increase the time until they accumulate half hour to one hour of activity everyday.

  1. Variation is the key

To give your joints a break, try other activities such as cycling, swimming and other non weight-bearing activities.

  1. Stretch it out

The best way to avoid common heel pain is stretching. Stand an arm’s length from a wall. Place one foot behind the other, keeping heels down and knees straight. Then while bracing with your arms, lean into the wall so that you feel your calf stretch.

stretching plus size woman


  1. Support your soles

Have insoles that will help support or distribute your weight evenly over your foot. That will ease the impact that your weight is causing.


Source: www.prevention.com